Agnyaathavaasi Movie Review Rating (2/5).

Starring: Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi Suresh, Anu Emmanuel

Director: Trivikram Srinivas

Producer: S. Radha Krishna

Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematographer: V. Manikandan

-:What is the film About:-

The source of Agnyaathavaasi, a foreign language movie was a simple old-fashioned action saga in the corporate backdrop. In the Telugu version, we have a needless love triangle and forced comedy to give it a local touch.The film starts off with the brutal killing of Vinda(Boman Irani) and his son. Vinda’s wife Indrani(Khushboo)introduces Subramanyam (Pawan Kalyan) into the proceedings and he enters AB group of companies as a normal employee. But after a series of events, a startling fact about Subramanyam is revealed. Who is this Subramanyam? Why did he enter the company? What is his actual mission? Will he be successful in it? To know the answers to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

-:Plus Points:-

The first and foremost thing that hits you right away is the scale of Agnyaathavaasi. The makers have not compromised on the production values and every penny spent is clearly visible on the screen. Yet another biggest and obvious asset is Pawan Kalyan, who carries the film on his shoulders. He looks menacing in fights and does well in certain comedy episodes with Murali Sharma and Rao Ramesh.

Khushboo gets a pivotal role after a long time and it is good to see her perform with a lot of dignity and grace. Boman Irani is wonderful as always and plays an important role. The interval bang of the film is quite good and has been executed well. Rao Ramesh and Murali Sharma’s comedy works only in certain scenes.

Keerthy Suresh looks beautiful and her chemistry with Pawan is good. Anu Emanuel is strictly okay in her role. Last but not the least, main villain Aadhi Pinisetty is decent in his small role but is made to look silly at the end.

-:Minus Points:-

The story of the film is quite simple and does not provide much content wise. The film is slow-paced with no proper flow and is dragged most of the times. The proceedings take a lot of time to enter the main story as only the characters keep getting introduced for the first half an hour.

The basic emotion which is associated with all Trivikram films is completely missing in Agnyaathavaasi. There are hardly any family episodes which elevate the film emotionally. The placement of the songs is not proper as songs come out of nowhere.

Heroines do not have much to do with the film as they are used only for the comedy episodes. Certain comedy scenes featuring Raghu Babu are overdone and irritate the audience. The film is also painfully long especially the climax which is stretched for no reason.

How is Pawan Kalyan’s performance?

Pawan Kalyan is his usual self-full of energy. There is nothing else to write home about. The star also has another unique quality where he remains the sole highlight of the enterprise and Agnyaathavaasi is no different. The problem here is the repetitive mannerisms. Even small moments are predictable. It is like watching a Ram Gopal Varma movie where all we get is tea sipping and intense stares captured at weird angles. Everything is so predictable, and repetitiveness makes it almost look embarrassing. Pawan Kalyan should take stock of his current physical appearance and do parts suitable for his image. Some scenes almost look like the star is spoofing his younger self.

Direction By Trivikram Srinivas?

The law of averages has finally caught director Trivikram Srinivas. He has been delivering some poor films back to back. It means he hasn’t learned from the past mistakes and it shows. Plagiarism and inspirations aside, the movie is a mess right from the beginning. There are multiple issues here. Trivikram, the director, has got the best visuals in his career, but at the same time, Trivikram the writer has delivered his worst. Combine these two with a script that is all over the place we have an unmistakable mess. The whole entertainment angle in the film, which involves a romantic track and comedy in the workspace is a total failure. There is nothing going on in either of them. They add to the length and provide endless boredom. The repetitiveness of Pawan Kalyan in comedy makes matter worse. In the entire movie, we can hardly find few scenes worth mentioning. The rest is trash compared to the previous films in the combination or those of the director. Entire concentration is put on visuals rather than working on the right content. Only few action scenes and a couple of comedy punches work. The hero and heroine track is the worst. Overall, even the hardcore fans can easily avoid watching the film.

Keerthy Suresh and others?

Keerthy Suresh and Anu Emanuel have nothing sort of roles. They do look stylish and glamorous though. Rao Ramesh and Murali Sharma are likable in their parts. Aadi has a terribly written character and an equally disastrous usage in action. Sampath in brief sections in encouraging. Khusboo is alright. Boman Irani is apt. Raghu Babu and Vennela Kishore handle comedy. There are still more characters but not on making a mark level.


Music and other departments?

Music by Anirudh is good. It is the background score where he fails. It is disappointing, and there is not even single memorable musical piece. The cinematography by Manikandan is extraordinary. Editing is terrible.