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Know about the amazing place where Virat and Anushka got married

1. Virat and Anushka have tied the knot at the Hotel Heritage, Borgo Finocchieto, in Tuscany. 2. Borgo Finocchieto is the second-most expensive holiday rental during Christmas and New Year charging Rs. 13 lakh per night. 3. Borgo Finocchieto is an eight-hundred-year-old village that has been restored

India enters the Wassenaar Arrangement

India will be the 42nd member of the multilateral export control regime, Wassenaar Arrangement. The group made the decision at its two-day plenary meeting in Vienna, which ended Thursday. India’s inclusion was supported by Russia, France, Germany and the USA. Benifits to India : The entry

Disastrous Calamities in India

1770 Great Bengal Famine A massive famine affected the pre-independence state of Bengal and some parts of Odisha and Bihar. The year was 1770 and extended for almost 3 years till 1773. One of the greatest natural disasters to have hit India ever, the famine