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Difference between Hindu Dharma and Swaminarayan Sampradaya

This article is about explaining a particular sect in Hinduism named Swaminarayan Sampradaya(means sect). This sect dates back to around 1800. The name of this sect was Udhhav Sampradaya and follows the principles of Vaishnavism. The Swaminarayan Sampraday began as the Uddhav Sampraday and was

Goddess Saraswati: One Deity who binds entire East Asia

In the ancient times, India’s influence spilled far beyond the restrictive borders that currently restrain her. From the seas of Timor and Papua bordering the Pacific Ocean to the rugged mountains of Iran and Afghanistan, from the depths of the Indian Ocean to the seas

When Jesus meet a Hindu man in Tamil Nadu

January 14 is the feast day of Blessed Devasahayam Pillai, the first Indian lay martyr to be beatified. Popularly known as Devasahayam (God’s help), he was born Nilakandan Pillai (1712-1752) into a Hindu family in the then Kingdom of Travancore (in the present district of

Largest gathering on the Earth

The Largest gathering on the Earth is the Kumbh Mela which takes place according to it’s defined cycle of every 4 years and this is a festival which is celebrated by everyone in India. The Kumbh Mela creates approximately 650,000 jobs and is estimated to

Why Ganesh and Hanuman are on the sides of every temple ?

Every day we go to the temple and worship GOD and every day we see that Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman are kept on the side of every temple.Ever wondered why only these two Devtas are kept on the side of every temple.There are very