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Nuclear Suppliers Group

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is a multilateral export control regime and a group of nuclear supplier countries that seek to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the export of materials, equipment, and technology that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons. The NSG Guidelines also contain the so-called “Non-Proliferation Principle,” adopted in

Why Gujarat is having rains in Winter?

From February 1 the weather department announced that it will rain in some parts of Gujarat in the next week. We can see the rain in some parts of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Gondal etc. Why this rain comes in winter? Is this Global warming? No,

વિરાટ વિજય દીવસ – Operation દ્વારકા

OPERATION DWARKA  આ વાત ઈ.સ ૧૯૬૫ની છે. તત્કાલિન વડાપ્રધાન લાલ બહાદુર શાસ્ત્રીના સમયમાં ભારત અને પાકિસ્તાન વચ્ચે યુદ્ધ ચાલી રહ્યું હતું. આ સમયમાં ભારત અને પાકિસ્તાન વચ્ચે કાશ્મીર માટે યુદ્ધ થયું હતું. અને બન્ને દેશની આર્મી પંજાબના રિજીયનમાં લડી રહ્યા હતા.   ત્યારે ભારતના દક્ષિણ

Sam Manekshaw – The Most badass Army General

Background : It all started with the report of Anthony Mascarenhas who came to East Pakistan which was published by Sunday Times in London.This report showed the reality of what was happening in East Pakistan by Pakistan Army.  Pakistan had 2 parts before the liberation

India enters the Wassenaar Arrangement

India will be the 42nd member of the multilateral export control regime, Wassenaar Arrangement. The group made the decision at its two-day plenary meeting in Vienna, which ended Thursday. India’s inclusion was supported by Russia, France, Germany and the USA. Benifits to India : The entry