Why Gujarat is having rains in Winter?

From February 1 the weather department announced that it will rain in some parts of Gujarat in the next week. We can see the rain in some parts of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Gondal etc.

Why this rain comes in winter? Is this Global warming?

No, this is not global warming. This is a regular phenomenon occurring every winter. This phenomenon is called Western Disturbance.

What is Western Disturbance?

Western Disturbance is an extratropical storm which originates from the Mediterranean Sea.

This process of origin of Western Disturbance starts from Ukraine. A high-pressure area from Ukraine brings the cold air to the Mediterranean Sea. This cold air contains moisture. Thus this storm flows through the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian subcontinent.

The first affected area is Nothern Pakistan through which it enters India. Here, the Western Disturbances bring the highest rainfall and sometimes result in floods.

Western Disturbances also affect the northern part of India and when this storm strikes the Himalayan ranges, it results in Snowfall.

This storm affects northern India as well as western India and so there is a possibility of rain in northwestern India.(J&K, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Gujarat)

They are the cause of most winter and pre-monsoon season rainfall across northwest India. Precipitation during the winter season has great importance in agriculture, particularly for the rabi crops.

Wheat among them is one of the most important crops, which helps to meet India’s food security. An average of four to five western disturbances forms during the winter season. The rainfall distribution and amount vary with every western disturbance.

But in Gujarat, the crops like Jeera gets adversely affected.

This is the reason which we experience rain during winter.

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